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By Julia Angwin

A coalition of Internet giants including Google Inc. has agreed to support a do-not-track button to be embedded in most Web browsers—a move that the industry had been resisting for more than a year.
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By Daniel Eran Dilger

RIM's BlackBerry is facing a rapid erosion of its former dominance of US Government contracts, with the vast US General Services Administration now expanding its support for Apple's iPhone.
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By Qnexis

Qnexis is seeking a seasoned Communications Outreach Manager with expertise in community outreach and PSAs.  The ideal candidate will be responsible for the planning and implementation of media and communication campaigns, including media research, media relations, account relations, marketing collateral (print, web, multi-media) and event management.
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By J. Nicholas Hoover  

The General Services Administration on Tuesday released extensive new details on FedRAMP, the federal government's new standardized approach to vetting the security of cloud computing services, taking an important step toward launching the program.
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By Josh Smith

Three days before the 2012 Super Bowl, federal officials said they have seized more than 300 websites accused of selling fake merchandise or illegally streaming sports games.
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WordPress is by itself a powerful application, but it has its limits. To get the full functionality out of WordPress, there's a series of plugn-ins you should install.
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Joe McKendrick

The federal government has been very active in the cloud computing space in recent times, and accordingly, The National Institute of Standards and Technology has been busy researching and setting definitions and guidelines to ensure agency and contractor understanding and compliance.
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The National Security Agency is developing cybersecurity guidelines to apply to its own systems and ultimately to any government or contractor network, according to sources familiar with the effort.
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By Sarah Rich

YouTube has agreed to modify its terms of service to help state government agencies with a fast adoption and safer usage of the popular video posting website.
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By J. Peter Bruzzese | InfoWorld

The year 2012 brings with it prophecies (of doom, unfortunately -- thanks, Mayans), predictions, and promises in every industry. While I'm no seer of the future, there are four tools and toys I'm particularly anticipating from Microsoft this new year, after 2011's relative dearth of tools and toys from the company.

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