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Still stuck in spreadsheets? Or dealing with an obsolete reporting system?  Let us help automate your data, provide better business intelligence and visualize your information to make better decisions. 

Qnexis delivers data analytics solutions giving you the power to quickly and easily present your data in more powerful dashboards that transforms disparate data into actionable information.

Qnexis leverages powerful data analytics dashboard tools to deliver engaging, interactive charts, graphs, maps and infographics that are easy to create, easy to revise and easy to use.

Our analytics solutions have been effectively used in the energy, government, healthcare, education, financial, insurance, and transportation industries.

Qnexis integrates your data, wherever it originates – from Excel spreadsheets to enterprise databases.


Our Data Integrator (iDI) tool gives you the ability to consolidate data from multiple locations in diverse formats, and transform it into a useful data set.

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