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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a transformative force in many industries from manufacturing to banking to government.  Instruction System Design (ISD) is no exception.  In order to maintain optimal capabilities, many organizations are increasing their investment in training while seeking efficiency and effectiveness. 

Qnexis leverages best-of-breed AI tools and technologies into its proven ISD models to deliver faster and more efficient training solutions that enhance the learning experience.  Our AI-based instructional system design capabilities offer:


- Personalized Learning Paths

- Efficient Content Creation

- Predictive Analysis

- Adaptive Feedback

- Enhanced Engagement Through Gamification

- Simulation and Scenario-based Learning


Qnexis has over 20 years’ experience in Instructional Design, E-learning, multimedia, web and mobile application development, cloud computing, data analytics, system integration, and helpdesk.  Qnexis has personnel that are certified Master Trainers and Instructional Systems Designers on staff. We have qualified staff with certification in Instructional System Design (ISD), 508 compliance, SCRUM/Agile.  We are adept at course development, and we understand the critical components of effective initial and on-going training initiatives.

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