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SIMPLY POWERFUL  /  Behind every solution is a backbone of sophisticated technology. That behind-the-scenes power makes our solutions so effective and easy – whether it’s the analytics that drive highly targeted marketing campaigns, high-security IT infrastructure that keeps your data secure, or sophisticated engineering that eliminates the guess-work for users. Our best-of-breed industry practices ensure a user experience that is simply powerful.

Qnexis developers are experienced in Agile methodologies, with Certified ScrumMasters® (CSM) who are adept at applying appropriate Agile principles, tools and processes according to the needs of each project. Qnexis Scrum Teams work in lean, iterative “sprints” to ensure our clients have frequent opportunities to collaborate, gauge progress and provide feedback along the way. We make sure there are no surprises when we roll out the final product!

Software Engineering – We design software that solves problems. We use Scrum and Kanban methodologies to ensure each product meets the needs of our client. We start with a needs assessment and work with the client to come up with a plan to deliver the right solution.

Cloud Development – Qnexis developers are cloud-ready, with the ability to develop or migrate innovative systems and solutions to the cloud.

Integration – We take a holistic approach to determine the appropriate infrastructure and applications that will support the organization’s mission and unique. Our IT experts collaborate with you to make disparate systems work together to streamline and enhance capability, improve quality, and reduce maintenance.

Help Desk Support – Once a system is in place, it’s important to know you can count on a support team to answer questions or quickly address the unexpected. Qnexis is there to help.

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