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Digital Signage

How do you communicate critical messages to a busy audience in a large high-traffic area such as an airport, a building atrium, shopping mall or other large venue? 


The Solution: Digital signage. This solution gives you highly interactive, rich media to enhance the user experience. Qnexis digital signage solutions engage and inform your audience in their own environment. Our solutions make it easy to influence behavior, increase awareness and take desired action.


We work with you to determine your goal, then offer unique, interactive solutions to achieve it using features like video, infographics, animations, wayfinding, messaging, dynamic dashboards, menus, streaming news and social media. Our integrated approach makes the best use of creative design and innovative technology, which results in an interactive, dynamic display that captures attention and delivers real value to both you and the viewer.


Shown here is digital signage for General Services Administration, property manager for the U.S. government. GSA wanted a signage system for its federal properties that would provide wayfinding information to visitors and would inspire employees in the building to conserve energy. Our engineers worked with smart building technology to collect energy consumption data and display it in real time in a visually compelling dashboard. It provides suggestions for ways to conserve energy, using comparative analogies that people can relate to – like 20 elevator trips uses enough energy to power 100 computer monitors for 8 hours. People are motivated to change their behavior because they can see the difference it makes.


Shown here: General Services Administration (GSA) – electricity dashboard and informational kiosks developed and deployed to GSA buildings across the nation.


Contact us to discuss our full complement of digital signage solutions. 

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